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Up for sale is the greatest frank the bunny costume ever made. The mask is wearable and very durable.  We use nothing but the best materials in our latex mask and the finest faux fur material for our suit and cowl.  The time it took to recreate this masterpiece could never be compensated but for a fraction of my blood sweat and tears you could own one of these masks before they are gone forever.  We have seen all the re-creations of frank but none seam to capture the true nature of this character in a wearable mask.

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    Our Paint

    We use a specially made latex paint specially designed for latex masks.

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    Our Promise

    Provide you with the best possible product at a price I can afford.

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    Fiver Year Five Star

    We have been making professional masks for over five years with not one less than five star customer.

  • Frank The Demented Bunny Rabbit
  • Frank The Alien Bunny

Frank The Bunny Costume FAQ

Making a Frank The Bunny Mask is not easy. It’s taken us many tries to perfect the method and our masks are made of the highest quality latex money can buy.  The latex is very firm and sturdy unlike other mask that just fall limp.
The process of making a mask is very time consuming and a single mask can take about a week to complete. The working time on each piece is more than 20 hours
The cowl (or hood) is made of 100% faux fur; meaning it is not real fur.  it’s made of an 80/20 mix of 80% Acrylic/20% Polyester
Making a latex mask requires patience and allot of nerves.  It’s a method few care to perfect and is very hazardous if not done properly.  We will be covering the methods we used to re-create Frank The Bunny in a short while so make sure to bookmark us and signup for our feeds.
If properly taken care of your frank the bunny latex mask will last forever.  keep it out of the sun for prolonged periods of time and store in cool dark place.  clean with micro fiber cloth and your good to go.  The frank costume is dry clean only and should last you a lifetime as well.
The full suit is a bunny suit so don’t expect this to be some nice cool breeze of a costume.  It is however very comfortable and loose.  It does tend to get hot after a while but it is very nice compared to similar style costumes because of the quality of our fur.